Our first development program focused on colonoscopy preparation. We spearheaded development of a new approach, driving clinical development through FDA Phase 2 trials. In mid-2017, we partnered with a leading specialty pharmaceutical company to take this program forward.

We’re designing patient-friendly alternatives: physician-formulated food/drugs that deliver key active ingredients in new and palatable forms*.

Colonary Concepts


Our patient-centric approaches – each being tested in patients in formal clinical trials – seek to radically improve patient experience and compliance, improving effectiveness.
Colonary Concepts


Our patented technology has been developed by a team of leading gastroenterologists, food scientists, and product developers.
Colonary Concepts


And better chronic constipation treatment and colon prep are just the start: our pipeline includes innovative products for a range of additional GI indications.
*ColonaryConcepts' colon preparation and constipation products are in development, and are limited by Federal law to investigational use only. They have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as safe or effective.